Thursday, January 6, 2011

Who will kill infidels with me?

The mister and I have been playing massive amounts of Call of Duty Black Ops lately, and I must say, I'm getting pretty darn good. He's been customizing my profile for me and getting my guns just the way I like them, because he's been playing longer so he knows what guns are best at handling. lol. The lady upstairs must think we're crazy though because here I am screaming at the t.v. screen, "Grenade, Grenade!!!"
Anyway, I really think that playing games together has benefited our relationship. 
We were in bed last night and we were talking about how he is about to leave to go to Craftmaster schooling for the Navy here soon. We were having so much fun last night, I turned to him and made the joke, "but who will kill the infidels with me while you're away?" 


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