Our Love Story

Where to begin?

Ahhh, here we go...
The mister and I went to High School together and actually hung out with the same crowd, and before I knew it he was asking me out on a date when I was just barely 16. 
Now my father wasn't too happy about this, but he let it slide and agreed to let me go on one date with this boy. Hubby swears up and down we went on more than one date in High School and can actually describe one night coming to my house and hanging out in my room and having to keep the door open because my parents wouldn't let us shut the door, him wearing pink socks, and my sister living with us at the time with a baby (her youngest Jaxson.) 
Now I'm pretty positive he couldn't have been making all that up so I guess we did hang out more than that one time, but after that it quickly fizzled out and went nowhere. 
Hubby was a grade older than me so he graduated and shipped out for the Navy.
 I went on living my life completely oblivious to the fact that he even existed really... only a distant friendship I guess. 
I was dating a guy my senior year and the year after high school when I began working as an intern in a pharmacy. There was a terrible accident, and he passed away on a 4 wheeler checking some oil rigs at his job. 
It took me awhile to come to terms with the fact that I needed to move on from what had happened, and just when I thought God had completely given up on me He brought me just what I needed. A friend who would unknowingly become something much more.
Hubby had come back into town for Christmas leave to visit family and friends, and came up to the pharmacy I worked at to get one of his friends medicine through the drive thru.
I hardly recognized him, but he had Carhartt overalls on and paint all splattered down the from paintin fence. 
We got to talking about what he had been doing the last few years and exchanged numbers and made plans to hang out that night.
He called me as soon as I got off work, and we went to see "Valkyrie".
He made me feel the emotions I hadn't felt since before my ex's accident. 
Happy, carefree, and genuinely feeling like I loved life again.
We stayed up talking in my car until 2 a.m. and I had to be at work by 8:30 the next morning.
That was the moment I knew there'd be something more to this than just him hanging out with me while he was in town for leave. He was there for me when I needed someone. He didn't push anything on me too fast. He knew I needed time to heal from what had happened and he gave it to me. 

When he left to go back to Virginia, I was upset, but we kept in contact and started up what became a long distance relationship. 
I was in Texas and he was in Virginia. 
I didn't think I could do it honestly, but somehow it just worked. 
I guess when you love someone that much you make things happen. 
We visited one another occasionally. I flew to see him once, and him to see me.
I was planning a big trip out to see him for the summer for a week and I was so excited.
We had talked about getting married before, but I didn't know he was going to propose to me on this very trip. It was the sweetest proposal ever! He put the ring in a Vitamin E bottle and we were getting ready for bed, so he asked me to get him his medicine before we got in bed. Now since I worked in a pharmacy I didn't think this was anything out of the ordinary, me opening pills for people. lol.
When I opened the bottle there was one pill and a ring in the bottom and I turned around to him asking me to marry him!!!
After I got back to Texas the wedding planning went very fast!
Everything is always rushed in the Navy.
I came out to marry my Sailor in July to Virginia during a justice of the peace ceremony so we could have our BAH by the time our actual wedding took place so we could just get in the car and make our way here to Virginia from Texas!
So by the time the sit down wedding rolled around I had "technically" already been married for about 3 months.
Our official wedding in Texas was beautiful and it was everything I hoped it would be.
It was a little on the small side, but it doesn't take much to please me. I grew up a small town girl that didn't like a lot of flashy things. 

My husband is my best friend when I need a friend to turn to.
He came to my rescue just when I thought all hope was lost.

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