Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Car Crash

I had a horrible dream last night where my husband was driving us to a destination, and we fell off a bridge into the water below. What made it so scary was my husband was just not himself. He was swerving the car back and forth trying to scare me, and I told him to stop and he wouldn't. It's almost like he got enjoyment out of seeing me distraught over it. He just wouldn't stop, and he kept getting closer and closer to the edge of the barriers on the side of the bridge each time he would swerve. I closed my eyes and prayed to God that he would make him stop, but I could see it wasn't my husband sitting it that front seat anymore. All of the sudden we were flying off the bridge, and in mid-air on our descent into the icy water below. I looked at my husband and I told him I loved him and braced myself for impact, then I woke. 

I researched dreaming of falling off of a bridge from your car into water and found a few things, but I really wanted to find something that had to do with why my husband would have been driving. I couldn't find anything. If anyone finds anything please let me know. :)

On a better note, I scheduled my appointment with Amanda from Fleet and Family services.
I'll be meeting with her tomorrow. Yayyayyayyay!!!!
Things are finally falling into place!
My birthday is next month as well. For Christmas the hubby got me a James Avery charm bracelet, and I hope to add a few charms to that bracelet this coming up birthday. 

Here's my bracelet:
A key to his heart, and an anchor!

These are the charms on my wish list:
the I love you because it's too cute, the peanut because my dad called me that when I was little, 
and the rifle charm because I shot my first one with my husband while on Christmas leave in Oklahoma...

so there ya have it! my not so nice dream, my plans for tomorrow, and my wish list for my birthday!



  1. I love the charm bracelet! I have a Pittsburgh Steelers one, but I want one like you have. :) I wrote back to your comment on my blog earlier and sent it then realized your return email isn't set up. :( So I will just write it here! I am actually in Va now! I have been for a couple weeks I need to update my blog. Anywho I would love to get together I only know a couple people down here and I am always game for meeting someone new!

  2. Return e-mail? I'm really new to this blog thing... how do I go about doing that? lol
    That's awesome that you're in Virginia already! Do you have a facebook or anything? It'd be a lot easier to talk on that about a meeting place or something. :)