Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My New Years Declaration

I've rarely ever given myself  "new years resolutions" in the past, because it's always been me dreaming of losing weight. There's no need to do that this year because from the time I've been married up until now, I've lost a total combined weight of 35 pounds. I'm just gonna go ahead and pat myself on the back right now, because I really don't give myself enough credit for that. Every other Negative Nancy I come into contact with never once saying congratulations to me. Except for the ones that support and love me! :)

Before: November 2009  169 lbs
 After: July 2010  134 lbs

So what do I need to prove to myself and work on? 

Well as someone married, here's the first thing:
1. I don't care how "happily married" you are, there is always room for improvement. 
 2. Getting back into church, and finding God the way I once knew him. That ties in with the marriage thing. He will help a lot with our relationship.
3. Learning better patience with myself and everyone around me.
4. Finding myself a decent part time job that will work around my husband's navy schedule so I can spend evenings with him at home.
6. Buy a pistol and take some shooting classes.
7. Get better at video games so I can beat Joshua. ;)
8. Make new friends.

Those are just some on my list, but I would really like to attend a church with Joshua.
That's been heavy on my heart for quite sometime now. 

 What are some of your New Years declarations to yourself?


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