Saturday, January 15, 2011

Getting Out!

Lexie dog and I are going stir crazy in this house!
So tonight we planned a little sleepover with the lovely Brittney from:
We are going to dinner, doing a little shopping, and seeing Black Swan!
I need this day out. 
With the hubby being away doing his school for the Navy, I'm losing it. 
It's not that I don't feel comfortable with him leaving or anything, because he's done it a million times and I'm used to it, but with all these ships deploying right now, a lot of my friends have moved back to their hometowns until deployments are over, and I really don't have the friends I once hung out with to keep myself busy.
Brittney works ALOT otherwise I'd probably be bugging her terribly. lol
BUT! I am going to Fleet and Family services next week and giving them my resume, so hopefully I won't have to sit here and try and find things to do. ;)
I worked back in Texas at a pharmacy as a tech trainee, but laws here where I live are different when it comes to training.
The mister also wants me to try and get a job where I work days only and weekends off so we have time together, as well as trying to find something on base.
We'll see how everything pans out. For now I'm going to enjoy my night out, and not worry about anything stressing me out. 
Hope everyone has a great weekend



  1. I want to see Black Swan! Tell me how good it is!

  2. Hello new follower here. I just left my hometown in Pa for Va not too long ago to be with my sailor. I know what you mean with the trying to find a job! I am going crazy in the house, but want to find a job that won't limit my time with my husband. I wish you the best of luck! :)

  3. Thank you Britt!
    Crossing my fingers and toes! haha :)
    Wishing you luck as well.
    Thanks for becoming a follower too! ;)