Monday, January 17, 2011

Good Weekend

The weekend with Brittney was so fun! 

On Saturday we ate at Uno Chicago Grill

 shopped at Victoria Secret's semi annual sale

and watched Black Swan.
(which by the way, was awesome!)
(there were some pretty intense scenes in the movie, but overall well worth my ten dollars!)

After the movie we were so exhausted we came home and stayed up talking for a bit but ended up crashing shortly after.
We slept in and got up to make coffee and some breakfast then watched a little Jersey Shore!!! ;)
Brittney had never been to Five Guys burgers and I didn't want to deprive her of that awesomeness any longer, so we went there for lunch and she loved it... but seriously who wouldn't?!?
We came back to her place to just relax and watch Wedding Crashers. I hadn't seen that movie in sooo long and forgot how funny it was! 
I left after the movie to come home with Lexie dog, and boy was she ready to go! lol
Brittney's dog Tulip is so much smaller than Lexie (but they are both chihuahuas) and Lexie wanted to play with Tulip but she was so afraid of this bigger dog she just sat on the couch the whole time. Lexie was so bored. She was stealing Tulip's toys to keep busy, and trying to nip at her to get her to play.
It was just too funny.
The hubby called shortly after I got home and we got to talk for a bit about my weekend! It made him feel better that I wasn't just sitting at the house while he is away. 
My agenda for today is to go find some black pants to wear to the meeting with the lady from Fleet and Family services. Since losing weight I have yet to buy a lot of new clothes, and I really want to look nice for this. 
Hope everyone has a good MLK day! Enjoy the day off those of you that get it!



  1. Black Swan is likely going to be my favourite movie of the year. At first I thought it was going to be an okay dance movie. I was surprised!

    Thanks for the follow back. :)
    Blogs make it so hard to communicate. I've been reading Brittney's blog for a while and did stumble across yours that way. Networking. :D
    What else is amusing is that he's a boatswain as well. It's what drove me to immediately follow your blog.

  2. That's awesome!
    Where is he stationed at?

  3. I'm glad you came, I had a great time!! :) And yes, my lil doggy is so scared of Lexie, lol. Poor Lexie was bored outta her mind!

  4. He's at Esquimalt in British Columbia until April. (He's a Canadian Reservist.) He wants to do Reg Force but they're stingy with who's going reg force now.