Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sponsor's Social Please?

The words we as military dependents are all too familiar with...

I was at my appointment with my not so nice PCM this morning when I decided I'd had enough of this lady. I've been dealing with her for over a year and a half now and today was my breaking point. She finally pushed enough of my buttons telling me what to do with my life, and how I'm too "young" to do this and that. 
She also is just not a very good doctor. I mean seriously, what relevance does your tattoos on your body have with mine and my husband's ability to get pregnant?
"Oh! I went to a tattoo party this weekend!"
"Yeah, that's nice.
Now can you figure out what's wrong with my uterus please?"
As tears were swelling up in my eyes I politely told her I needed a new doctor because I was not going to be seeing her anymore. She rudely told me that the Health Benefits office is right down the hallway, and that I needed to see myself out.
I was livid by this point. 
Not a very smart decision on her part because I hold the power to file a complaint against her if I see fit.
(I sure am glad Joshua is away though, or he would be giving her a piece of his mind right about now.)
So I promptly make my way to the office and begin telling my side of the story, when two 2nd class Petty Officers walk in to document everything I am saying.
After I'm done telling them everything she has EVER said to me... from "you're to young to have kids" to "some people just have really really irregular cycles, there's no need to look into that or anything"
(there was more said but we'll not go into all of that)
they tell me that they're on my side, and are shocked to believe a woman of her stature would be so rude and unprofessional.
The health benefits advisor helps me find a new PCM
(which might I add, she proceeds to tell me the lady has a very nice "country" accent) :p
I really dislike Tricare sometimes, but other times they are kind of easy to handle.
I really hope it doesn't get tossed around that I'm a nuisance to deal with in that office or anything.
That lady was just awful. Ugghhh. Worst day ever. Hurry home my sweet. <3



  1. I really hope that everything turns out for you. Those things that lady said made my blood boil. If you want a baby she should have suggested anything and everything possible to help you reach that goal.

  2. I wish I had a penny for every offensive thing she's ever said to me. Joshua told me from day one he didn't like her (he went with me to one appt)

  3. I've never met the woman, nor am I violent person...but I want to punch her in the face.

  4. Geezz that lady needs to get a life! She is obviously miserable, but don't let it get to you hun! Keep your chin up and we will have fun this weekend :)