Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An Update!

It has been such a long time since I wrote! 
The Mister got back from his surge about a week and a half ago, so we've just been spending every moment together cherishing it!
On Saturday we went to see The Hangover 2 with Brittney! Funny movie! I don't think I liked it quite as much as I did Bridesmaids though. If you haven't seen Bridesmaids, please take the time to go! It's hilarious!
Yesterday was Memorial Day and we had family pictures taken by the lovely Jessica Quinonez Photography.
She is seriously SO Sweet and patient. 
The Mister and I had a great time! I'll post pictures once she finishes them!
On an even more exciting note... I will be vacationing in Florida next month with my lovely family.
I haven't seen them since Christmas and I am super excited! 
Can't wait to snorkel, golf, and just spend some quality time on the beach with them!

I finally got off my migraine medicine since we are still trying for a baby.
I've had lots of headaches, but I'm coping... I cannot be on Topamax while planning.
Praying for everything to go smoothly if we do conceive. 
Having had a miscarriage, that's always in the back of my mind. :(
The Mister leaves again soon for training so I'm gonna try to save up so we can enjoy our Florida vacation together. 

Hope everyone had a blessed Memorial Day with friends and family and a great weekend!


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