Sunday, May 1, 2011

Much needed girl time!

This weekend has been amazing! 
I couldn't imagine a better way to get my mind off my husband leaving.
The Mister left for his underway last week and because we have no international cell phone plan, I have yet to receive emails or phone calls. 
I'm sure he's fine, I just really hope when he gets a chance he finds a phone to call me on.
If it wasn't for Brittney getting me out of this house I probably would have gone stir crazy!

Friday night I went over to her house and we had some yummy Papa John's and just read blogs and talked!
Saturday night we had planned on going to dinner and then the mall, but we stayed at the Mexican restaurant we were at for over 3 hours and the mall had already closed!!!
The manager had sent Brittney and I free drinks to our table. (:
Must have been because our new outfits were just so cute! tehehe.
He sent 2 shots and 2 margaritas... on top of the margaritas we already had! 
We were feeling pretty good by the time we left! 

The manager asked us if we were going to stay because the restaurant has a DJ and dancing after 10, but that would mean we would have been there for over 4 hours so we decided to leave!
We came home and Brittney stayed the night, then we got up this morning and ran some errands and got our shop on!

I also am obsessed with these new sandals I got! Eeeekkk!!!!

I've been painting my nails ALL the time now! 
I have the new black shatter which I'm officially obsessed with!

I swear hanging out with Brittney has brought out my inner girl. 
I will embrace it! Lol.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. 
The only thing that would make mine better would be to get a phone call from my love letting me know he's made it to his destination safe and sound. (:


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