Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy MilSpouse Day!

The Friday before Mother's Day is always dedicated to Military Spouse Appreciation Day!
You guys are so much more special than you can ever imagine. 
It is because of you that our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Coasties can do what they do.
It's your selfless acts, and unconditional love for your family that put you above the rest. 

I found this poem I'd like to share.

A Day for You, the Military Spouse
by Sara Horn

A day where no uniforms need mending or patches sewn on;
A day where nothing breaks down when you are all alone;
A day when children listen and there are no tears to dry;
A day where there are no questions and you don’t have to answer why;
This is the day I wish for you, the Military Spouse.

A day filled with peace and love and solidarity
A day where a phone call is just the start of the great day you’ll see
A day when you realize that what you do has fantastic enormous worth
A day where for the first time in months you can breathe without the hurt
This is the day I wish for you, The Military Spouse

A day that’s 24 hours closer to your loved one coming home
A day for webcams and Skype and soft I love you’s before dawn
A day where there are no silly arguments, just constant mutual grace
A day filled with blue skies, happiness and faith.
This is the day I wish for you, The Military Spouse

Thank you for YOU and YOUR service-member's contribution to this country.
Stay Strong!


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