Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Clay! My new craft.

I'm kind of obessed with the stuff right now. 
I stumbled upon a nail tutorial blog and the lady had little polymer clay fruit on her nail designs!
As soon as I saw them I thought I had to have them. I've seen them on Etsy numerous times. 
These are just a few pictures of the VERY FIRST two I've done, so they're not nearly as good as I'm hoping to get.
I want to make nautical pieces, food, figurines, and a lot more stuff!
Since the Mister is off doing his thing, I have a lot of time to make plenty.

The first one I tried was a simple pink pig. 

His ears are my favorite thing. You can't really see the detail from the picture, but they're really floppy!

Second thing I made was a Hello Kitty pendant for my friend. She LOVES all things Hello Kitty and it was her birthday recently, so this is going to be a late birthday gift!

It's waayyy past my bedtime, but I really want to stay up and make more!
I guess that's how you know you love doing something huh? 
I think I found my new hobby.



  1. As soon as you start this up, if you decide to make some profits from this, I'll be ordering from you! You know I love all things cupcakes and I recently started collecting them! I can't wait to see what you come up with.. If they're as cute as that lil pig, they're gonna be a hit!

  2. That lil piggy is adorable! :) And I can't wait to see my lil hello kitty in person!! Thanks lovey!!!

  3. Great job! Those are both adorable little figures! I also love HK!