Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Photo Challenge 04-05

My days have kind of been jumbled together it seems, and with the mister being gone there seems to be way more things that get broken, way more responsibility, and just way more things that go wrong in general.
He'll be home soon enough though, and I cannot wait!!!! 

Now to continue with the photo challenge!

Day 04: A picture of your night
(now this is an old picture, but for the sake of it happening almost EVERY night, I can use it)
Lexie doggie chillin on my lap while I had a migraine. 
That's about what my night consisted of.

Day 05: A picture of your favorite memory
This is my favorite memory because the night before this was taken I was proposed to by the man in the photo! It was very bittersweet knowing that in just a few short days I'd have to pack my bags and head right back to Texas and not see him again until the wedding. Laying in the sand and sun with the man of my dreams knowing he'd just asked me to be his forever was the best feeling in the world!!!!

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