Monday, March 14, 2011

A New Attitude

So Monday roles around again and I'm ready to sit down and start my entry for today. I was thinking probably a Miscellany Monday... then I get my daily emails. 
There is one from
That is when my post changed. 

This subject has been heavy on my heart, and I know I've said it numerous times on the blog before, but I really want to get closer with God and have him in the center of our marriage. 
There are areas in our marriage that could use guidance.

The mister and I went out to eat yesterday and a song came on the radio that also made me think about things. 
Every time we have an argument or a disagreement I am always the first to just go in the other room and shut him out (typical woman right?) 

This song for some reason just brought tears to my eyes. It was almost as if mister was singing to me because he's always the one who wants to work things out and NEVER gives up.

The name of the song is "LOVE DON'T RUN". 

Starting today I'm going to try The Love Dare once again. 
I tried it with my husband before and got weak.
I know why it failed. I wasn't fully committed.
I WILL follow it through the whole 40 days and I WILL see a lasting and healthy marriage because of it. 
I found a blog who has posted everyday of The Love Dare, so for those of you that don't own the book and want to try it here is where you can find it:

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


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  1. It's like you are stealing my thoughts! I tried the love dare and quit too. Thank you for the inspiration!