Monday, March 7, 2011

A bad case of the "I WANTS"

 Ever since tax money came I've been itching to go shopping.
I want new pillows for our bed, lots of craft supplies, and I would really like some new jeans.
Hubby's already paid off his car, and what's left over is for bills and things, but a girl can dream right? 
I guess I've been living vicariously through Ajax because I got him this really cute rocker tee at Petsmart after his booster shot appointment. 

Def Leppard!
He's ornery, but he sure is cute!

This weekend went by so fast! Friday the mister was exhausted from work so we just vegged out and played video games.
Saturday we took Ajax to his appointment and later that night watched Burlesque and headed over to a cookout with some friends of ours. 
Sunday was a lazy day for me because I wasn't feeling too well, but hubby went to the gun range. 
Once he got home we went and ate at Ruby Tuesday's and rented Megamind! 
 How was yall's weekends?

Photo Challenge.

Day 21- A picture of something you wish you could forget.

There is no entry here. You live and you learn.
I don't wish to forget anything because it has made me who I am today.

Day 22- A picture of something you wish you were better at.

I get so flustered while doing a kazillion things at once I freak out and can't concentrate. I end up messing at least one thing up.

Day 23- A picture of your favorite book. 

The Divine Series by P.C. Cast
My favorite of them being the first one, "Divine By Mistake".

Day 24-  A picture of something you wish you could change. 

 I wish everything I ever loved about my home state could be brought here for me to enjoy.
Beautiful sunrises, best barbecue I'm ever gonna find, some of the best sweet tea I've ever tasted, Tex-Mex, fresh water catfish, Texas country, Joe T's margaritas, Blue Bell ice cream with my papaw, fried mexican apple pie from El Chico's, seeing red dirt EVERYWHERE I turn. 
Lord, I could go on and on with this list.
I'm homesick... have been for two years, but the number one thing I wish I could change would be the distance between my family and I. Just bring Texas to me.

Day 25- A picture of your day.

Laundry day! 
Folding clothes then starting a new load!

Day 26-  A picture of something that means a lot to you.

My marriage means everything to me and I pray to God everyday to give me guidance and strength on how to be a better wife. 
When I said my vows to my husband I meant them for the rest of my life, for better or for worse.
I don't believe in divorce, as I was taught growing up that it never is the answer. 
My parents have been happily married for over 30 years and they are perfect role models on what a good lasting marriage should be like.

Day 27- A picture of yourself and a family member.

This is my PaPaw and I.
He calls me newt. Has ever since I can remember. 
I love him so much. Greatest grandpa anyone could ask for. 

Day 28- A picture of something you're afraid of.
I've only dealt with two immediate deaths in my life, one being when I was very young with my grandpa so I didn't quite know how to feel. Yes I was sad, but all the emotions were very confusing. 
The other one being my longtime boyfriend before my husband. The pain I experienced was so horrible at the time. I dread going through that ever again. I can't imagine experiencing it with a close family member now that I'm older. I know it will happen, because death is a part of life, but I'm so afraid of feeling that whole in my heart. 

Day 29- A picture that can always make you smile.

Our first trip up to the Wichita mountains as a couple. I think being up so high must have got to us. 
We had a Meers burger and homemade cobbler while we were there. YUUMM!!! 
Mom snapped this on the way back down the mountain.
I also shaved his head into this mohawk. It was the first time he had asked me to cut his hair (we had just started dating) and he took a trip down to see me in Texas and I really messed up his military cut so he just said, "go ahead and give me a mohawk babe."

Day 30- A picture of someone you miss.

My best frannddd Lauren.
She's in her hometown until her mister gets back from deployment and I miss her dearly.
Can't wait until she gets back so we can make Summer 2011 waayyy better than 2010! 
(which is going to be tough to beat!)



  1. I think I orgasmed when I saw that quilt. Makes me want to get mine that much faster from Betty!!!!

  2. Yeah my grandma made that one.
    She has taught me everything I know about crafts!
    The one Betty Marie is making you is beautiful!

  3. What are those books about? I keep looking for a new series to start and can't get into anything :-/

  4. I have a serious case of the "I wants," We should set up a date and go window shopping! haha :)

  5. They are about a teacher named Shannon who gets sucked into this place called Partholon and has to take on this role as Rhiannon, a goddess incarnate. Thing is the "real" goddess incarnate has actually switched places with Shannon and became her in Oklahoma. Shannon must take over Rhiannon's duties and save Partholon. Very good books filled with Centaurs and other mythical creatures!

  6. Britt we really do need to get together sometime! That'd be nice!

  7. I know what you mean..I've been wanting a new bedset forever already! :) Maybe once we move I can convince Isaiah to let me decorate a little more. Also I love that pic of you and guys are hilarious! lol And if you and Britt are doing a shopping date I wanna come too! :)