Monday, April 11, 2011

My best frannndd came to visit!!!

Last Saturday my best friend Lauren came up from Tennessee to look for a new house for her and her family to live in once her husband gets back from deployment. They lived in Virginia before he deployed, but she moved to her hometown while he was going to be gone. Homecoming date is slowly approaching and she wanted to have everything ready when he arrives, so she planned a trip to come visit and house hunt! She stayed the week with the Mister and I in our one bedroom apartment. 
I'm sure the couch wasn't too comfortable for a whole week but we made the best of it and our time together was worth it... she found a house and we even got to go to the beach one day. It was 80 degrees! The wind was horrible that day!!! We were bombarded by sand!
I missed her little man Liam so bad while she was here. He's three years old and is the cutest little boy ever! 
He stayed in Tennessee while she came here and he was so sad. He missed his mommy so much and was so happy when she came back!

I can't wait for her to get here for good.
Last summer was amazing and I can only hope this summer will be just as great! 
We loved going to the beach everyday!
Being from Texas, when I see a beach I go crazy because if you ever wanted to cool off in Texas you had to do it in a lake or a pool. lol. The ocean is so much prettier than a nasty brown lake. Even though I've lived here for almost two years already there is still something about this beachy atmosphere that makes summers so amazing!

Today Brittney (another one of my really good friends) from over at
and I had lunch and went to the mall and shopped for our summer clothes!!!
It's finally getting warmer here and I'm so ready to wear shorts! 


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