Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Humble Pie

Some people just need a slice. 
There are actually people out there that think that their marriages are perfect! 
Perfect? Yes. It's sad but true.
Everyone has that one friend that thinks her marriage is untouchable. 
Whether you choose to admit it or not on your blog (your choice) ALL couples have tiffs and arguments. EVERY SINGLE ONE! 
Personal lives are personal, and if you choose to share every ounce of detail with the world, barely scratch the surface, or keep everything bottled up for only you and your spouse is your choice, but people that sit there and say that their lives are perfect and then criticize others for actually expressing how they feel? 
Um, I think not. Just do us all a favor and don't say anything at all.

Writing my post the other day about mine and my husband's little spackle actually helped to relieve stress on my part and I have no regrets on doing so. We are back to our normal little everyday lives.
No our marriage isn't perfect, but that's what is gonna make our relationship last. 
Communication and Dedication to making it work. 
If I had a marriage where I never argued or disagreed with the person I loved, what does that tell me?
First off, either party doesn't want to put in the effort to even bother with one another or trying to solve the problem at hand (because there will ALWAYS be problems, one time or another)
so they just go along with everyday life brushing the problem under the rug.
But therein lies the problem of thinking your marriage is perfect, in all actuality... it's everything but.

I work hard at my marriage. Blood, sweat, and tears if you will. 
(well not really blood and sweat, but you get my point.)
They say the first two years are the hardest because you are just getting to know one another and whoever thought that up is exactly right. We're coming up on our two year anniversary in July and there are still SO many things I have yet to figure out about the Mister.
That's the beauty of it all though... no matter how many nights we are up working out our differences and then "making up", I wouldn't take back one single argument or tear because it has made us that much stronger.



  1. My marriage is certainly not perfect, but I couldn't agree with you more! If it was easy everyone would do it, and everyone's marriages would last. Sometimes things are hard to work out and when you add the military to everything it really makes matters worse. My hubby and I have been going through a hard time lately with him being deployed, but it doesn't mean I love him any less...it just means we have things to work on. I know some people may think its sharing too much when I express my frustrations on my blog, but it helps me vent and feel better. If I were to hold everything inside I would eventually just explode and things would get worse. Thanks for writing this post, it was very well said! :)

  2. Tell em lady!! I love reading your blog! And it's YOUR blog! Say whatever you want! Never stop. Love ya