Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Staying Positive

Lately I've been feeling a little down in the dumps. I'm not too sure why, but I can't shake this feeling I have. 
I've been getting a lot of migraines lately, I'm guessing from the extra surge of hormones, and that hinders me from doing a lot of the things I was use to doing before. 
I started my second trimester last week and although I'm thankful the nausea has let up, I think I've gained migraines and fatigue in it's place. It's all for a good cause though. 
Once I hold our precious little miracle in my arms all the pregnancy woes will quickly fade away.
Here is the newest picture of our little one. 

When my husband saw this picture (he didn't get to go to the appointment) he was smiling from ear to ear and said that it was so beautiful and he could not wait to hold our baby. 
I love how supportive and legitimately excited he has been.
That's honestly what keeps me going.
He is my best friend and soul mate, and I'm so glad I get to share this wonderful life changing experience with him.

On another note, we got a new laptop. The reason why I hadn't blogged in quite sometime was because our old laptop completely died out.
I love our new one. The screen is 17.5 inches!
We finally have a laptop with a webcam, and were able to Skype with my family a few days ago. 
We also watched the episodes of True Blood we needed to catch up on the other day and it was great!
That's our final big purchase before the baby arrives though, besides baby furniture, carseat, stroller, etc.
From now on it's save, save, save. :)
The Mister is training right now, and between Ajax having all these health issues and hauling him to the vet, getting baby stuff ready, and looking for houses, I need a break. 
Just something to do for myself.
My real life bloggy friend, Brittney, came over last night and we had a girl's night filled with chick flicks and chocolate. 
It was nice to not think about anything else going on. I think this weekend we may see a movie and go get some pedicures. That's exactly the kind of thing I was talking about when I said something to do for myself!
Not this coming weekend but the next we find out the sex of the baby!
I'm am so overly ecstatic. I'm counting the days!


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